Finding a professional to photograph your latest project isn’t a task that should be taken lightly.  Interior & architectural photography is a very specialized field, and finding a pro that fits your needs might seem difficult at first.  It’s easy to find a photographer to take pictures of your family.  Taking photos of your latest design project is something completely different, and your choices for a pro are much more limited.

No worries.  Professional interior & architectural photographers are out there and ready to take on the challenge.  Follow the tips in this article and you’ll be well on your way to finding a photographer you can use for many years.

Google Search

A simply google search can be the first step you take towards finding your pro.  Just type in “architectural photographer in my area” or “interior design photographer in my area”.  You’ll get a decent list of pro’s that are active in SEO to come up.  Browse through a few pages and see if someone catches your attention.  Substitute “my area” for the name of your city for even better results.

Don’t stop here though.  Photography is an art, and most artists fumble when it comes to things like SEO.  The best photographer for you might not come up in the first few pages of google.  So, keep following the tips coming up to expand your search and fight the right pro.

Social Media

Spend a decent amount of time searching through the different social media platforms.  A good photographer will have a strong presence to advertise their work.  Instagram and LinkedIn will probably be your best bets.

Instagram is a perfect tool for photographers, as its original purpose is to share photos.  As it continues to grow, there are much more opportunities for networking, communication, and advertising.  Take advantage of this outstanding tool and find a few interior & architectural photographers in your area.  Search different hashtags that might apply to you.  Some examples are #sanantoniointeriorphotographer or #sanantonioarchitecturalphotographer.  Find different pro’s in your own field and see what photographers they are following.

In case you didn’t know, LinkedIn is actually a social media platform now.  That’s right, there are news feeds, sharing, and even liking people’s posts.  The great thing about LinkedIn is that it’s easy to find “professionals”.  Only pros see the true value in being active in LinkedIn, so it won’t be hard to find a professional interior & architectural photographer.  

Networking Groups

Last, but certainly not least, is to search amongst your local networking groups.

Start asking amongst other professionals in your field about a good photographer.  Good reputations are well earned amongst colleagues.  Referrals are usually very intimate in that most professionals only want to give good referrals, as it is a reflections of their own reputation.

If you’re currently not part of a networking group, it’s definitely a good time to start.  Networking is such an important part to anyone’s business.  Do some research and find some groups in your area.

Use these tips to find a few photographers that could potentially fit your needs.  Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few choices, do some research to choose the right one.  If you need help, see my article on How to Choose a Professional Interior & Architectural Photographer.