Nestled away in the heart of Alamo Heights, this home’s glass surroundings and wood accents create a modern home with a cozy feeling.

Designed by Elizabeth Haynes Architecture, the main home and guest house create a balance centered around a large, beautiful tree right in the middle of the property.  The design focuses heavily on its relationship with the exterior space, using large windows and glass doors for gorgeous views and natural light.

Though still under construction, you can still get a feel for the attention to detail in this home.  I was fortunate to view this property through the local AIA tour and my jaw was dropped the entire time.

Photographing during a tour is never easy.  Tripods are inappropriate during an event like this, and guests continue to move in and out of shots.  With a little patience, however, I was able to capture shots that (hopefully) portray the beauty of this residence.  

The trick to good photos in this setting is to hold as still as possible.  Adjust your shutter speed quickly for a burst of bracketed shots.  Then manually blend exposures in photoshop.

See my photos below for a glimpse at this beautiful property.