The listing agreement is signed and you’re about ready to put the house on the market. You can almost smell that commission check as your clients get your new listing “show ready.” Then the question comes up: “Should I hire a professional photographer?”

Let me tell you, the answer should most always be YES! 

Unless you are listing a run-down, “as-is” junker, you’ll want to hire a professional Real Estate Photographer to help sell your new listing ASAP. Let me break down the reasons this is a good idea.

Time is Money

You’re busy. Your clients are busy. You got in the real estate game to move properties and make some money. Let a professional photographer feed into that original goal.

You’re not a photographer and every second you spend trying to be is time taken away from being a power realtor.

A pro photographer knows how to take care of you. If he’s good, you don’t even have to be there for the session. Pro’s know how to take photos at the right angles and lighting to make your listing shine!

Spend your time finding leads and working other deals. Leave the photos to the pro!

It’ll Impress Your Clients

Homeowners put all their trust in you. They are counting on your professionalism to sell their home as fast as possible. Give them a boost of confidence by hiring a professional Real Estate Photographer.

Imagine how impressed your clients will be when a pro shows up with all their fancy equipment! A true pro photographer brings a good amount of lighting. It honestly looks like a big production. I’ve heard it plenty of times from clients, “Oh wow…I didn’t know my realtor was doing all of this!”

Referrals are everything in the real estate game. Your clients will be telling their friends how you went the extra mile and hired a professional just for them.

Its a Great Investment

Of all the photos you’ll buy in your lifetime, these are probably the only ones to earn you money!

I get it, you want to keep as much of that commission as possible. You’re not sure if and when the property is going to sell. Guess what? These are the exact reasons you want to hire a pro!

You want to do everything you can to sell your new listing as soon as possible and for as much money as possible. The first step is impressing potential buyers through your listing photos. A professional is going to present the house MUCH better than you ever can. First impressions are everything, and I’ll talk more about that in the next section.

Professional Real Estate Photographer is actually relatively cheap. Probably cheaper than a portrait session in your area. This is a very small investment compared to the returns you’ll get if you sell fast and get a full price offer!

First Impression is Everything

The photos are the first thing potential buyers are going. This is the critical moment when they decide if they like it or they’re NEVER giving it a second thought.

Think about that for a second…If a buyer doesn’t like the photos in the first few seconds, that’s it. You’ve lost them forever!

Don’t lose potential buyers because you were being cheap and wanted to use your iPad for photos! Hire a professional and get those buyers excited to see your new listing.

Your Photos will Never Look as Good as a Pro

You’re not a photographer, you’re a realtor….and hopefully a good one since you’re reading this article! 

No matter how hard you try, your photos will never look as good as a pro. Probably not even close. Not even with your “professional camera” you got for Christmas. Real Estate photography is not easy. Lighting interiors is a difficult skill and pro’s learn through education and trial and error.

Leave the photos to the pro’s.

Your Listing will Sell Faster

According to a recent PR Newswire report, listings that used professional real estate photos sold 32 percent quicker than listings that did not have professional photos. I said this in the first section, time is money and you’re in the game to make as much as you can. The faster your listing sells, the quicker you get paid. Then it’s on to the next one.

Make your life easier (and more profitable) and hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer for your next listing. Invest in yourself and your future. Your clients will love you for it. So will your wallet!