The day is finally here! You’ve signed the listing agreement and you’re ready to get the house on the market. All that’s left is to photograph and market your way to that fat commission check.

Hopefully, you’ve made a wise investment and hired a professional real estate photographer to help. If not, there’s still time. It’s better to wait a couple days for perfect pictures versus more days on the market with uninviting photos.

Wether you’ve hired a pro photographer in the past or not, here’s some good information to get you prepped for the day of the shoot.

Be Prepared…Before the Shoot!

Make sure your new listing is ready at least an hour before your scheduled shoot. Hopefully, you’ve laid out all the expectations for your clients. Read my article on Getting Your New Listing Ready to be Photographed to help you with this.

The last thing you want to do is be moving furniture around and cleaning when your photographer shows up.

Tidy Up

No matter how well prepared you are, you’ll still want to do a little tidying up right before the shoot.

Life happens. People have kids, dogs, and even messy adults.

Take a look around and be on the lookout for anything that might look funny in a photograph. Move the kitchen soap under the sink. Move the trashcan out of the way. Put your “staging” hat on and make little adjustments for your photos to be just a little more spectacular.

The Less People, the Better (Pets Too)

Photographing real estate is not an easy process. Your photographer might make it look somewhat easy, but that’s because he’s had a lot of practice (hopefully). The less obstacles he has to photograph around, the easier both your lives will be.

Your photographer will probably have a good amount of equipment and need to move in and out rooms quickly. He needs to shoot anywhere from 15 to 30 photographs and I’m sure you want every one to shine. All of this within the short amount of time you’ve allotted. Help him out by encouraging less people to be present.

Explain to your clients that the photography process is long and boring! Encourage them to leave the house, and take their pets with them. They might feel funny about this at first, but remind them that you and your photograph are both professionals and make the best decision to sell their house ASAP.  

Patience is Key

Let your photographer do his thing. This shouldn’t be his first rodeo. A true professional is going to know how to present each room at the best angle and best lighting. No need to hover over his shoulder. Exercise some patience and he’ll deliver some fabulous photos.

If you have any special requests, let him know before hand.

Respect Your Photographer

The real estate game is all about relationships. You know this! Understand that your photographer is a professional who does this for a living.  

There are plenty of stories out there about real estate agents treating their photographers like a “bad contractor”. Don’t be one of these people. It only leads to resentment and a bad relationship.

A good real estate photographer is your secret weapon to faster sells and faster commissions! Follow these tips and your clients AND your photographer will love you!