The day of the shoot can stressful for the home owner. Their home is probably the cleanest it’s been in years, and it was likely a hard task to achieve. Then the thought comes up, “I really hope the photos come out good.”

Hopefully, your clients know they are in good hands and trust you to get this done. Sometimes, they’ll want to be at the shoot to make sure “everything goes good.” You might even think this is a good idea so you can have them sign the paperwork.

Let me tell you why this isn’t necessarily the best idea.

The Less People the Better

Photographing real estate is not an easy thing. Your photographer might make it look easy, but it comes from years of experience.

To get a perfect photo, your photographer needs time and space. He/she needs to move around, set up lighting, and compose the image. This becomes increasingly difficult when you have adults, kids, pets, etc all over the place. You don’t want to be directing your clients in and out of rooms. This just takes up your precious time, and probably frustrates the home owner.

Ask your clients to step out for a short time period while the photos are being taken. They might feel a little weird about it, but hey…they have to get used to strangers in the house if they want to sell their home. Besides, they’ll appreciate it in the end. Once they see how great the photos come out, they’ll be thanking you.

Only to Move Things Around

Hopefully, your new listing is photo ready at the time of the shoot. Life does happen, and sometime there are things outside of your control. This is sometimes true when you have furniture to move for the sake of the photos. I find this especially true when it come to kids larger toys.

If this happens to be your case, the home owner should stick around to move the furniture in and out. Please, don’t ask your photographer to do this. Not only is this a liability on his part, it’s also not part of his job.

Try your best to avoid this situation. Have your clients move things in the garage if necessary. Besides, you want a live showing to look just as good as the photos. See my article on Getting Your New Listing Ready to be Photographed

No Backseat Drivers

Offering some insight to your photographer isn’t a bad thing. If you have some specific ideas in mind, definitely let them know before the shooting starts. As a pro real estate agent, talk to your clients before hand about the photos. You might not necessarily “need” their ideas, but it’ll make them feel warm and fuzzy inside. Just don’t let this get out of hand.

Every so often, you’ll have a client that wants to direct the photographer. The most common sayings are “make sure you get this” or “get it from this angle”.

Do your best not to let this happen. A little insight is ok, but backseat drivers are just a distraction. Your photographer is a pro, so try to make it easy for them to do their job.

Coffee on You

Hopefully you get the gist of this article and realize that your clients probably don’t need to be at the shoot. Ask them to step away for a few hours and get them used to the protocol when showings occur. 

Best piece of advice I can give for this is to offer StarBucks on you. A $10 gift card for some coffee will get them out of the house and put a smile on their face!